Lake​side Repair Services, LLC.

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Lakeside Sawmill


Wood Working

17086 Hwy 72 West

Waterloo, SC 29384


Check out our " For Sale " page.

Lots of good stuff for good prices.

Service/Repairs still available;

however, we are no longer doing inbo​ard motor replacements.

We are by Appointment ONLY.

We are open but our gates are closed, so please call for an appointment.

We are practicing Social Distancing .

Here is what you can expect on appointment time:

-If possible please call a few minutes before you get here so we can open the gate for you.

-Please stay in your vehicle. We will direct you.

- Drop-Off: Please pull in straight

-We will unhook your watercraft

-Read over, make any necessary corrections , & sign Repair Authorization

-Make sure to leave the key

-Pick-Up: We will direct you to your watercraft 

-We will provide you with your invoice to look over & get payment ready

while we hookup your watercraft

-We will accept your payment.

-We will direct you back to the gate.

Please Practice Social Distancing!!! Please wash/sanitize your hands!!!

If you are feeling sick, Please STAY AT HOME!!!!!

Check out our " Sawmill & Wood working " page.

Lots of good stuff for good prices. 

We also do warranty work on HISUN UTVs (purchased @ Lowe's), i.e. AXIS.

We hope you find everything you need. Lakeside Repair Services LLC. is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We always try to do everything we can to meet your expectations.

​It is our right to deny service to an​y individual(s).


Monday - Friday

10 - 5

Accepted Payments:

~ Cash         ~ Check

~ Credit      ~ Debit

*** 5% fee for credit / debit card payments.

*** $100 fee on Returned checks.